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You all provide us with some really wonderful feedback. We would like to share it with everyone. Want to let us know?

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I get great service. Very friendly, and helpful. Even stayed late to change a tire for my daughter. The tube blew on a brand new bike I got her while I was airing it up. They stayed late and changed it so she could ride with the family.


This is my favorite neighborhood bike shop ever. All of the mechanics/sales staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and really and truly helpful. I even rent a bike from them when my daughter is in town. I recommend them highly for sales, service, and rentals. (And no, I'm not on the payroll!)



My mom Joan is 75 yrs old and stopped riding her back last year because she no longer felt comfortable on her bike. I encouraged her to go to your bike shop on central ave and try some new bikes. The minute she walked in the door Lloyd made her feel comfortable. He listen to what she wanted in a bike and let her ride several bikes before deciding. Lloyd was very patient and about an hour later she found a bike. She is now back to riding on her new Electra bike and loving it.
Thank you for having a caring and knowledgeable staff..


If I could give 100 stars I would. These guys were beyond friendly, so knowledgable and not pushy for more expensive bikes whatsoever. Could not have had a better experience!!! Tyler, Rick and Ann are rock stars!


Just wanted to drop you an email and make you feel good on a Monday.

Thanks for all of your help, your patience and all of your well as finding a great deal, to get me on the Trek 1.5.  I rode it twice this weekend putting on about 30 miles pretty quickly, not a super speed, but averaging out at 16 mph.(Thanks for the haunts me now!)

The bike is great and I am glad that I made the commitment to finally take the plunge and get into cycling, I think it will be great for training and I am looking forward to getting into the community even more.

My experience at ABC was tremendous, you really made me feel comfortable and welcome and you were a big part of that, so again, thank you for your efforts and expertise.

I am already paranoid about a flat, so I am looking for dates of a flat class and trying to quickly work towards a group ride with all of you on a Friday night so that I can add that experience to get me even more hooked!

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


I arrived in MT last night, and the Madone S7 made a perfect trip.  I had her strapped upright in the van.
I wanted to thank you for all the help, and ongoing support.  It is always a pleasure coming in to the shop, as well.
Hopefully I will send a couple of photos as the summer progresses.  Best wishes in the shop, and in your personal life.


 Hi Rick:
I am still on the Island of Utila, Honduras, Central America.I will be back in Saint Pete in April and I will be in with my bike for a quick check up.
Thanks for your emails and I wish you continued success.

Hannah Christensen

Congratulations Rick, You have done a great job, looking forward to doing some business this year.

Dennis Caveglia

Thanks to you and your great staff for making my bike purchase of the verve3 a great experience. Your team was very professional in closing the sale!
Looking forward to doing business in the future and will refer any one looking for a bike to you!
Jim Wortham


I want to commend Lloyd and Richie for the timely and professional service I received in your store a few weeks ago. Having dropped into the store with a gummed up inoperative right shifter on an older Trek, Lloyd assured me it probably just needed cleaning and lubrication. He proceeded to do that and I was on my way again with a much improved shifter. Another day I dropped in with an inquiry about life left in the drive chain before possible breakage. Richie assured me it had about a half life left, and noted the wheels were out of true. He trued the wheels while I waited.
Thank you guys; a job well done.


Hey Rick,
Just wanted to say that the work you did on my project one was perfect,, As Always (:-) Job well done. I loved spending time on the bar stool talking to Rich, Michell, and the big dog himself Lloyd. The next day that I picked up my bike it was nice talking to you about all the bike stuff and everything going on. It's always a great experience in both of your stores. As always.
One of many , Happy Customers,
Gary Lemmink,

(From Trek Customer Support to ABC Bicycles)

 Rick and the ABC Crew,
Troy Loggins was most appreciative of the service he received at your store. Please pass on the great feedback.
i recently broke my 2009 Trek 6000 and i want to thank you for the replacement frame. I recieved a new 8500 frame and love it. i want to let you guys know that the guys from ABC bicycles in St. Petersburg fl were very helpful and great. Hopefully i will be able to get my wife to let me get all the upgrades so i can have a true 8500. Thanks again.
Troy Loggins

Hi Rick,
I get your newsletter via email, have been enjoying it since you started sending it.  This email is inspired by your bit about encouraging people to ride more often. Here's a little bit about me and my bike...
I bought my Trek 4600 from you (I think you are the one who fit me on it) back in 2004 to use it at Alafia.  The time just isn't there to spend all day doing that any longer, but I still love this bike, and ride it just as a regular bike around town to the health food place next to your store, to Gulfport, to my sister's house, etc...  When the tires wear out I'll get something smoother installed, rather than these luggy tires.
Anyways, I am embarrassed to say that after 6 years of working downtown (and living only 5 miles west of downtown), this is the year I finally rode my bike to work a few times.  Prior to this, my excuses not to ride were: being scared of riding alone on the trail just west of the Trop; and the summer sun blasting down on me at 4:30 in the afternoon.  The first time I did it this March, it totally erased my fear.  And hey, it's not going to kill me to slather on the SPF50 before I leave work.  Yes there were a couple high-school kids near Gibbs who pretended they were going to knock me off my bike once, but every other time has been a huge pleasure.  Riding past the bakery and smelling the fresh bread, hearing the birds sing in the morning, and getting to work full of energy is wonderful.  
The main reason I broke down this year and started riding is that I had a trip planned to the Grand Canyon with 2 friends where we hiked down into the canyon and back up the next day, and I was doing everything I could to work on my cardio and knee strength in preparation for that.  I honestly believe that the 10 or so times I biked to work before that trip really helped my endurance.  We were there in April, and after doing that hike, it gives you the feeling you can do ANYthing!
Since buying my bike, I've also gotten bike lights, and another helmet from your store, plus brought my bike in for tuning. (Lloyd is an asset to your store)  I recommend ABC to everyone.
Thanks for sponsoring the American Stage events, too!  I'd like to try and make it out for the group ride to the World of Beers on the 25th.
Have a great weekend.
~Adrienne Ruga

 Hello Rick,

A belated Happy Birthday!
I would like to recognize Lloyd for his recent (and ongoing) exceptional customer service. A few weeks ago, I came into your shop to see if you carried derailleur cable housing in white. Lloyd checked but you didn't have anything in stock. Without prompting, he then took the time to call two competing bike shops in the area to see if they carried it. One of them did, so he told them to hold it for me and even gave me directions! Thanks to Lloyd, I was able to finish assembling the bike and ride it that weekend.
Dano - (the recumbent guy)


Just thought I would send you a note on our recent tune ups, I dropped off my bike and Mary's bike last week to Richy, he looked over both bikes and notified me via phone that my bike was in need of a new rear cassette, chain , and rear brake cable. and later found that one of my peddles was also broken. all routine stuff for about 4yrs of use. Marys just needed some tuning.  grand total of about 500.00 parts and labor.a little ouch at first but when you look at it over 4 years of not any real problems not to bad.

Both Richy and Loyd were very helpful and prompt on their service, advice, and phone calls, bikes are running like brand new . thanks again . Miami man next weekend 70.3! can always count on you guys.

Hi Rick,
I found your stores last winter when I was staying in Florida to escape the cold, wind, and snow of Wisconsin for four months.   I love the informative newsletters, the helpful folks in the ABC shop, and the sense of a biking community that you are fostering.   I've purchased items and had my bike serviced in Florida instead of WI.   Keep up the great work and when the snow starts flying up here, I'll be smiling and packing up for FL.
Bonnie Jenko

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