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A Florida-born native since '95, i grew up in Zephyrhills with a love of two wheels, sparked at the age of four when I was taught to ride. Starting out on motorcycles, I raced and rode at a young age, but after being forced to sell our big bikes I had to find a way to scratch that itch, thus starting me off on my journey into the world of cycling.

I spent my childhood summers playing in the dirt of an unoccupied patch of woods, digging, shaping and building a small BMX track that still stands today for our department store bikes with the help of the neighborhood kids, fighting off the inevitable and erosive forces of Florida nature. After a summer of hard use, I found my bike to be.. Tired. This was solved by obtaining a small fleet of like-sized bikes, which were constantly in circulation of being ridden, broken and repaired. This, along with a move to Tampa soon channeled my energy into the world of real BMX, meeting great people from all over the country, and even different parts of the world through my riding, light-hearted competing, and traveling to ride new cities which gave me a real respect for the sense of community that cycling of any kind can bring. This lead me to my first job at a shop at the age of 14, assembling bikes, which later lead to a full-time position as a master wheelbuilder at a local mail-order company, shipping my work all over the world for use by both professionals and amateurs alike.

After many years of self-abuse through riding, leading up to an injury in early 2017, I decided to hang up my little bike for the most part, and focus on riding my 27.5+ MTB that I purchased as a second past-time beside BMX, which paid off in the form of rehabbing an unexpected broken knee and resulted in a new-found love for the world of Florida's extensive singletrack system (Thanks to S.W.A.M.P. and the IMBA/OMBA for all their hard work) which has tied in well for my love of the Florida outdoors, camping, offroading and adventuring.

Though my own experiences leans towards Mountain and BMX, I'm well-practiced in the mechanics and workings of just about anything you can put into a bike stand, and I'm excited for my future working with Trek and Bontrager's elite line of products, and all of the resources at my disposal to advance my knowledge and love of cycling, as well as my ability to help grow that same love for the cycling world in our guests.