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Our Commitment To You

It is our obligation to do our part to protect the health of our team, our customers, and the community. As we have seen beaches, malls, hotels, restaurants, and bars close, we must do our part to curb exposure. We have seen an unprecedented rise in door counts and sales over the last few days as customers find solutions to their mental and physical health. And we sincerely appreciate all of it. But we must act to do our best to protect our interests to be here for a very long time, long after this crisis is over.


 It is our responsibility as a community for each other's health and safety. As we continue to adapt during this time, we ask you to follow these steps:

Be efficient.

As an essential business, we ask that you know what you want and get what you need. This will help us to care for every customer today. We know no one likes to wait.

To do this, you can help:

15 min for sales/service purchase
30 min for bike purchase


Thank You.

We sincerely appreciate your support at this time. This is not how we like to do business. We thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.

We are doing the best we can as we adapt and continue to operate.

Let's get it right!.

We want to make sure you get the right stuff. We are here to help.

All purchases are final until further notice.

All sales promotions and events have been suspended until June 1st.

There is an insane demand for bicycles and products.

We have to limit capacity to ensure everyone gets the help they need.

We have to control the volume to simply get things done.

This line outside would be pure madness inside.

Some people think we are crazy while other's think we are not doing enough. We are doing our best for all of us because we care.

Our #1 goal is to meet everyone's expectations and keep everyone sane and safe.

Thank you for your business - it means a lot right now!

Update April 7, 2020, our locations will have a new hourly schedule until our government believes that all businesses can run normal hours.

They are as follows:

Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 5pm

Thursday Closed

Friday 12pm - 5pm

Saturday - 11am - 4pm

Sunday - Closed

These hours are effective immediately and are subject to change at any time.

All events, rides, promotions, and sales are cancelled immediately. All fittings will also be cancelled.

We are reassessing our marketing plan and are planning to resume all events June 1st. This will also be subject to change as we do not yet know the full effects of the virus.

We will continue to notify our customers with any changes through our website, newsletter and all social media outlets. We are in uncharted territory and we are committed to doing our best for everyone at this time.

What we are doing

In order to protect our business with respect to day to day operations, the following policies must be followed:

1. Our front door of our locations will remain open (i.e. with a door stop) in order to prevent exposure as we can have over 250-300 contacts on the door handle everyday.

2. We will have a table with hand sanitizer at the front door with signage to require our customers to wash their hands.

3. We must limit the occupancy of our locations. The CDC has limited the exposure of groups to 10 people. Restaurants are mandated to host at 50% capacity. We must do our part. We will have signage on the front door to indicate this as it will protect all of us. The maximum number of 10 with include the employee count. We will provide chairs spaced apart outside to accommodate this. We must protect all of us.

4. Our cleaning process will be our best line of defense. We will mop with soap and water every night and will wipe down all points of contact with either wipes or alcohol. One of the reasons our hours are changing is to give us ample time to clean. We do feel that washing our hands and our customers washing their hands upon entry will allow us to have much cleaner and healthier stores during this time.

5. We are asking our customer limit touching products (i.e. only those that they may purchase) as it is very difficult to clean clothing and softer surfaces.

Please know that it is my commitment to all of you that we keep each other safe and healthy at this time. The world is changing every day and please know that we are doing our best to balance the health impact, economic impact and the service impact of our business. We must lead by example.

Finally, we are in uncharted territory and this could be one of the greatest challenges we have every faced as a business. We are doing our best in the short and long term to ensure that we are safe and stronger for our future. We believe that these steps today will enable us to show you we are committed to your safety and peace of mind.

I want to thank you for your continued commitment to us. I am confident we will all get through this and see the positive results in the future by taking these steps today.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience as we continue to be here for you.

Rick Fidanzato